Probably far you have already come across the misfortune you were to clean oil stains from your carpet. In this post we’ll look at several recommendations that our friends, working in the carpet cleaning Chelmsford – company for a professional cleaning and washing of carpets gave us to deal effectively with this challenge.

There are several ways to remove oily stains from your carpet. Perhaps the most popular is by using iron and useless paper towel. Heated iron helps to melt the fat is absorbed by paper or cloth. However, never place the hot iron directly on the carpet, because you risk hurting it because of intense heat that the iron generates.

The whole idea of the above method is to use iron, which must you put water to prevent sticking her while you put the towel on the very spot. Pass the iron on the towel several times to allow the very spot on the carpet to heat and have a chance to stick to the plot. Do not leave the iron in one place and using a circular motion portray the location of the stain.

After about 10-20 seconds, turn the towel and see if the procedure has an effect. If some of the fat is absorbed in it, then fold the towel and provide clean part that you put on the stain and repeat the procedure. Repeat until the fat continues to stick to the interlayer, whether cloth or paper.

IMPORTANT: It is best to start using iron itself at a lower level, but if you have to increase its power to achieve maximum effect.

However, if you do not deal with this activity or the problem remains, then you can always turn to specialized companies for cleaning and carpet cleaning. Forget car washes, they will hardly cope with dried animal fat, which is embedded deep in the tissue. Special machines and experienced staff specialized carpet cleaning companies guarantee to deal with unpleasant situations.